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Microsoft Excel 2021

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Excel 2021 download - buy cheap from us

When it comes to spreadsheets, Microsoft Excel is the number one software solution for users. Microsoft has been offering the solution since 1985 and is constantly developing it further.

Excel 2021 is powerful and comprehensive as usual

The current Office applications are suitable for a wide range of target groups, and Excel 2021 is no exception in this case. The software is used daily both at home and in the professional environment. This is primarily due to the wide range of features and functions available in the spreadsheet. Although the powerful tools require some training, they then provide countless possibilities for all users. Would you like to get an overview of the current household finances or do you need clear project management in the company? Excel 2021 provides the optimal conditions for these and many other everyday tasks.

The use of the software proves to be very intuitive, above all due to the storage of individual formulas and numerous shortcuts. Of course, the software allows you to display your own workbooks and tables individually, and numerous functions are available for this purpose. In addition to the manual adjustment of font size and color, ready-made layouts are also available. These are already in the software portfolio after installation, can be selected with a click and cover a wide range of needs. If the selection is still not sufficient, thousands of other templates can be searched online and downloaded if required.

In the current version, Microsoft Excel 2021 has only been slightly revised

In the current version from 2021, the revisions are limited, Microsoft only works on a few places. If you want to order Microsoft Excel 2021 online, you will benefit from a slightly revised design, for example. The developers adapt this to the new Windows 11 operating system and ensure, for example, softer colors and slightly rounded edges. Microsoft has also subtly revised the tabs, which enable easy navigation within the numerous functions. Technically, the user benefits from significantly better performance compared to Excel 2019 . The entire software is more responsive and on older systems the spreadsheet proves to be much more stable. The Dark Mode, which has already been widely announced, is also one of the new features in Excel 2021 and can be switched on or off as required in the "View" tab.

Office 365 users have been able to access the XLOOKUP function for a year now, and now this feature is also available in Excel 2021 for all users. With this function you can easily search for a specific value within a row, a column or in the entire table. Not only the exact match can be found, also the next higher or lower value can be easily found with this function if necessary. Thanks to Excel 2021, sorting the table is no longer necessary. This new feature saves you a lot of time, especially with large tables and extensive data sets.

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