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Windows 10 Education

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Equip schools and educational institutions with Windows 10 Education

The Windows 10 Education operating system is the ideal choice of the world's most important operating system from Microsoft with a focus on schools and other educational institutions. The software uses the business version of Windows 10 Pro as a basis and expands it with useful features for the classroom or general lesson planning. This creates a familiar and easy-to-use learning environment that enables optimal preparation for all types of courses in terms of tasks and security.

Take advantage of new features in Windows 10 Education

Like all variants of Windows 10, the version includes a large number of new features. The focus here is on easier control and operation on PCs and laptops as well as on portable devices such as smartphones and tablets with touch functionality. With an intelligent start menu, apps of all kinds can be sorted and displayed according to personal preferences.

Thanks to the principle of virtual desktops, working under Windows 10 no longer takes place on a single surface. This helps in teaching to differentiate information material and own content in a meaningful way and to call it up clearly with just a few hand movements. As with other variants of Windows 10, it is also possible to call up functions and information via the Cortana voice service.

The software can be licensed for entire schools and individual teachers. In this case, the operating system can be used on individual devices that the teacher uses to design the lessons. Full remote desktop support is provided for wide-ranging and comprehensive use regardless of the device.

In terms of security, the version of Windows 10 with Device Guard offers a comprehensive package for data security. The BranchCache application optimizes data traffic in the network, which is particularly worthwhile in larger schools with a large number of devices for teaching purposes. With the Windows-to-go support, it is possible to take the operating system with you via a stick or other storage medium.

Difference to other variants of Windows 10

Essentially, the Education variant, like the Enterprise variant, is comparable to the Windows 10 Pro operating system. This equipment is aimed at small companies that want to set up a functional network with fast and secure data exchange. These demands also arise in schools, universities and other educational institutions.

Without special apps for the education sector, the system equipment of Education and Enterprise is identical. It differs from the Pro version mainly in the following features:

- BranchCache
- Start screen control for groups
- AppLocker to prevent unwanted background programs
- Direct access

Direct access ensures that employees in the field have secure and functional access to the company network via smartphones and other devices. This is also useful for schools and universities if teachers want to access content on the school network from home. As an additional security aspect, Windows 10 Education, like the Pro version, offers the Bitlocker function, which enables hard drives to be encrypted.

Benefit from comprehensive support with "Windows as a Service".

The "Windows as a Service" concept is generally new in the Windows 10 family. With this, new features are provided by the Microsoft developers at regular intervals, which are intended to prevent major updates or conversion to new versions. The features cover a wide range of functions and areas of computer technology and some are optionally offered. As a result, teachers and other users of Windows 10 Education can freely decide which applications make it easier to organize or conduct courses.

Improve the teaching experience with special apps

Regardless of features from Microsoft, users of Windows 10 Education have the option of making individual extensions using apps. In addition to the usual app stores, Microsoft has some special applications that are aimed at teaching institutions. A special variant of the game Minecraft is primarily to be mentioned, in which pupils of all years are encouraged in creativity, organization and communication.

Another concept is the use of Microsoft MakeCode, which, as a simple variant, ensures practical programming even for young people. In addition to pure line programming with source code, developments in areas such as mechanics, technology and mechanical engineering are in the foreground. The education variant is specially designed for this, many suitable apps are non-commercial.

System requirements:

operating system
Minimum Windows 10
Min. 1GHz
1GB minimum
Disk space:
16GB minimum
Graphic card:
DirectX 9 or higher (with WDDM 1.0 driver)
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