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With Windows 10 Pro , Microsoft combines the convenience, compatibility and ease of use of Windows 10 with a variety of exclusive features that are perfect for professional demands.
This includes improved security, more flexibility in the form of tools such as Remote Desktop and Cortana and an optimized connection to the cloud.

Professional work, effortless and intuitive

With its flat design, intuitive interface and a completely overhauled interface (compared to Windows 8.1), Windows 10 has enjoyed great popularity since its introduction in 2015. Even in the home version you will notice how easy and clear navigation is made for you, how quickly you can switch between programs and how quickly you have access to your favorite apps and most frequently used folders.
Windows 10 Pro has of course taken over all these functions , as well as the configuration for the two input methods. That means you can control Windows 10 Pro in the classic way with a mouse and keyboard, but with devices like the Surface Pro you can also use touch controls.
Windows 10 Pro is also even better at multitasking than its predecessors, so you can use several complex programs at the same time and arrange them even more flexibly. This makes Windows 10 Pro even more your personal Windows.
With the digital voice assistant Cortana, you can also set appointments and reminders, write notes or easily access functions in many apps by voice.
This is supplemented with Windows 10 Pro by new security features such as BitLocker.

Private comfort with the security of business

Of course, Microsoft knows that you store critical data on a system used for business and that the loss of a device can have serious consequences for you and your company. With BitLocker and BitLocker to Go, you can remotely lock a lost system at any time. So your device may be lost but not your data.
The Office Suite programs (Word, Excel and PowerPoint) also automatically save documents in the cloud. This makes it even easier for you to share projects, continue working seamlessly on other devices or realize your visions together with colleagues.
And via Remote Desktop you always have access to your Windows 10 Pro computer, no matter where you are. You only need an internet connection.
If you have a compatible device, your face or fingerprint are sufficient to log in. This is faster than a password, which you can of course still use if you wish. Security also means flexibility with Windows 10 Pro .

Maximum flexibility, maximum compatibility

With all the great features and the integration of modern devices like Microsoft's Surface Pro, you should note that Windows 10 Pro also runs perfectly on older hardware. The minimum requirements are extremely moderate and the high functionality and error resistance will quickly inspire you for Windows 10 Pro . So you can also update from an older PC without any problems.
With Windows 10 Pro , you purchase a workstation license for one PC (the operating system can also be installed on a Mac if you prefer).
So enjoy the advantages of Windows 10, the clean interface, effortless multitasking and the huge selection of apps combined with professional security features and the ability to work on your documents anytime, anywhere.

System requirements:

Min. 1GHz
1GB minimum
Disk space:
16GB minimum
Graphic card:
DirectX 9 or higher (with WDDM 1.0 driver)
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