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AVG Ultimate 2020 Multi Device

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Sku: LG-20210006

Vendor: AVG

Significantly more comfort and a noticeable increase in speed on every device? With AVG Ultimate 2020 this is easily possible. The program offers users a far-reaching combination of Internet security and tuning software for their own devices. For example, effective protection against viruses, spyware and adware is provided to reduce threats from the Internet. This makes it a good choice to meet the needs of the system and resort to high quality.

More security for every device

When it comes to personal or business devices, security plays an important role. Only with comprehensive protection is it possible to recognize suspicious websites before they load and to avoid being infected with malware. With AVG Ultimate 2020, fraud attempts are detected in advance, which means that the device does not have to be damaged afterwards.

The extension of the previous firewall and the implementation of AI-based real-time scans are also ideal for more security. So it is not difficult to protect your own hard drive from threats and reduce the influence of harmful files. Using AVG Ultimate 2020 makes it noticeably more difficult, especially for hackers and data thieves, to overcome the existing hurdles and obtain user data.

The main advantages of AVG Ultimate 2020

  • State-of-the-art real-time virus scan
  • Protection of all conceivable payment processes
  • Effective protection for more privacy
  • Regular cleaning of browser and memory
  • Holistic check of all e-mail attachments
  • Automated execution of maintenance

Ideal for quick and efficient use

In addition to the classic improvement in security on the device, AVG Ultimate also offers the tuning component. This significantly accelerates the start-up process of the PC or laptop so that no more time is lost in preparing the devices. The supplied browser cleaner also frees history and memory from temporary data, which increases the speed of processing and loading.

Another function for tuning the device is the integrated sleep mode. This ensures that existing applications only appear when they are really needed by the user. In the meantime, these are put into hibernation, which allows the system's computing power to focus fully on the important processes.

Buy AVG Antivirus now and increase security

On this basis, AVG Ultimate 2020 offers a good combination of security program and tuning software. This makes it easy to keep your own devices clean and speed them up at the same time. If you want to use an effective program for optimizing your PC or laptop, you can easily buy AVG Ultimate 2020 and make your devices more convenient. This makes it a good choice to trust in the multiple features and protect yourself from the dangers of the internet.

Worth knowing about the program

  • What exactly is AVG Ultimate 2020?

Anyone who decides to buy AVG will receive software that can be used flexibly for improving device security and for tuning. In this way, the dangers of data theft and hacking can be significantly reduced so that the device can be used safely.

  • Who needs such security software?

Basically, AVG Ultimate 2020 is suitable for every user with their own device. As soon as user-specific data is on the devices, additional security becomes very important in order to make access more difficult for third parties and to rely on convincing applications.

  • What makes the program so good?

One of the biggest advantages is the ease of use. For this purpose, an exact application to the existing device can be provided within a few minutes in order to simplify the use of the software and improve the comfort of the devices.

  • For how many devices is the license suitable?

With the existing license there are no restrictions on registering on devices. Numerous PCs or laptops can be equipped with the software to ensure more security and optimization.

  • What is the duration of the existing offer?

The available license is valid for one year. The offer can then be extended as desired in order to continue to benefit from the advantages of the application.

You can install the following products as many times as you like:

AVG Internet Security for Microsoft Windows
AVG PC TuneUp for Microsoft Windows
AVG Antivirus for Macintosh
AVG Cleaner for Macintosh
AVG AntiVirus PRO for Android
AVG Cleaner PRO for Android

For all your privately used devices

Award-winning security and performance

for you and your family

internet security

Complete protection made easy!

Packed with user-friendly features, our leading protection solution is designed to be simple and uncluttered without sacrificing security.

With new ransomware protection, advanced firewall, and AI-based real-time threat detection and removal, you have everything you need to stay protected online at all times.

Optimal performance for your PC.

Our complete suite of optimizations will automatically speed up your PC, clean up junk files, improve battery life, keep your important items updated, and fix minor issues before they become real problems.

Whether you're running a brand new PC or have been using your PC for years, you'll be amazed at what your PC can do.

Android smartphone and tablet? There is an app for that

AVG AntiVirus PRO

Protect your smartphone from malware and thieves.

AVG Cleaner PRO

Performance boost for compact, powerful mobile devices.

The software solution contains far more functions than we can present here.

  • Antivirus ransomware protection
  • payment protection
  • Webcam protection
  • Protection for sensitive data
  • Automatic maintenance
  • Startup Optimizer
  • software updater
  • Browsers and disk cleaners
  • Anti Theft App Lock
  • Email Protection
  • Intelligent cleaner for photos
  • battery profiles
  • device lock
  • Protection against hacker attacks
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