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Microsoft Visual Studio 2019 Professional

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Programming comfortably with Visual Studio 2019 Professional

Visual Studio 2019 Professional is an intelligent helper when developing software. It combines features of the popular
Visual Studio 2017 with useful new features. In this way, the user can efficiently write code and find any errors. Numerous languages ​​can be used. With Visual Studio 2019 Professional, developers and companies buy an integrated development environment that covers different platforms.

Easier collaboration and AI features

The current version of Visual Studio is easy to navigate and offers help for visually impaired developers, among other things. It also includes better refactorings than previous versions of the software. As part of a consistent further development of the program, the solution loads and builds were also revised. The debugger, as an important tool for effective programming, now also offers more options. Live Share makes teamwork in real time even easier and more productive: the previous functions for working together on the program code have been expanded and improved. To make teams and individual developers more productive, Visual Studio 2019 Professional has the IntelliCode feature. Artificial intelligence supports the work of the developer. For example, they make suggestions for improving code quality. So that the user can use the right language for each project, the development environment continues to support both older languages ​​such as C or C++ and newer ones such as C#.

Develop for different platforms

Buying Visual Studio 2019 Professional makes it possible to develop solutions for different platforms. The software provides convincing environments for various application requests. Mobile solutions can also be developed easily, either alone or in a team. The Visual Studio IDE provides several tools to enhance code for apps. One can freely develop native apps for iOS, Android and Windows. Codes and debugging can be shared with the team. The programmed applications for PCs, mobile devices or the web can be based on pre-existing applications. The integration of already written code in Visual Studio is possible without any problems.

Professional development tools for small to medium-sized businesses

Companies that decide to buy Visual Studio 2019 Professional enable, among other things, highly productive teamwork. With the powerful functions of the development environment, employees can display a wide range of information directly in the code. Changes made are displayed clearly and broken down by person. Code references and passed tests can also be found quickly. Visual Studio also offers other helpful features such as planning tools for agile projects and descriptive diagrams. Of course, buying a Visual Studio license gives you access to upcoming updates and bug fixes, making it software worth investing in over the long term.

System requirements:

operating system
At least Windows 7, Windows Server 2012 R2
At least 1.8GHz
At least 2GB
Disk space:
Depending on the installed features up to 130 GB
Graphic card:

Resolution of at least 1280 x 720

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