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Norton 360 Deluxe

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Sku: LG-20210075

Vendor: Symantec

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Note: Once the software has been purchased and activated, auto-renewal will be applied at the manufacturer's price after the term has expired. To avoid this, you can switch off the automatic renewal after activation.

Norton 360 Deluxe: Intelligent and consistent multi-device protection

Norton 360 Deluxe closes a security gap that poses a major problem for countless private individuals: not all internet-enabled devices are protected by anti-malware software. Smartphones, for example, often do not have a corresponding line of defense. This is problematic simply because such vulnerable devices are usually in the same network as the protected computers. Malware can spread in this way without the antivirus software stopping it. Comprehensive and intelligent multi-device protection is therefore indispensable. Users who buy Norton 360 Deluxe get exactly that.

Buy Norton 360 Deluxe: These features guarantee security

  • Protection for PC, Mac, smartphones and tablets (with iOS and Android)
  • Threats are detected and averted in real time
  • child lock
  • Secure VPN: Leave no footprints online
  • Large cloud storage for backups
  • Secure webcam from PCs
  • Password manager

Protect all Internet-enabled devices with just one piece of software

The name of Norton 360 Deluxe already suggests it: the software promises 360 degree or all-round protection. This not only means threat prevention, but also what is being protected. The average user can secure any internet-enabled device. The solution works for PCs, computers with MacOS as well as smartphones and tablets running iOS or Android. The deluxe edition allows five devices to be armed against threats. Which these are exactly is up to the user. A family with four smartphones and one computer can protect all devices just as much as a household with three PCs, a Mac and a tablet. This multi-device security makes this edition suitable for all types of private users: from the aforementioned family to the individual user who has multiple devices and wants to protect them at the same time.

Comprehensive and intelligent threat prevention

Users who buy Norton 360 Deluxe can rely on intelligent and comprehensive threat protection. The software analyzes potential threats in real time and fends them off. The protection has several levels: It not only protects against malware of all kinds, but also against spyware and ransomware. The Norton program prevents its users from being spied on or sensitive data being taken "hostage" through encryption in order to extort ransom money. A firewall ensures that the majority of malicious programs cannot even get through the front door. If the worst comes to the worst, 50 GB of secure cloud storage is also available so that backups can be imported without any problems. However, this feature should never become necessary due to an attack: Norton promises to be able to eliminate all viruses.

Protect your privacy with Norton 360 Deluxe

Users who buy Norton 360 Deluxe not only secure their devices against threats, but also protect their privacy at the same time. A specially secured virtual private network, called Secure VPN, ensures that users leave no footprints online. It cannot be tracked which pages are accessed and which services are used. Secure VPN also bypasses geoblocks. For example, if certain websites can actually only be accessed from the USA, Canada or England, the VPN removes this block.

PC users also enjoy the good feeling of not being able to be spied on via their webcam. Norton 360 takes control of the camera via SafeCam. The program becomes the doorman that regulates access to the hardware. Since the software is placed between the operating system and the camera, its protection cannot be circumvented. To put it figuratively: There is only one door to the camera and in front of it Norton spreads out.

If children have access to the devices, the integrated parental controls allow them to restrict or prevent the viewing of certain pages or the use of special online services. The integrated password manager ensures that unauthorized persons do not have access to their own accounts. It also allows users to work with secure passwords anywhere on the web - after all, they only have to remember the password for their account.

System requirements:

operating system
At least Windows 7 or the penultimate MacOS
At least 1GHz
At least 256MB
Disk space:
At least 300MB
Mobile Devices:
At least Android 6.0 or penultimate iOS
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