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Norton 360 default

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Sku: LG-20210078

Vendor: Symantec

Note: Once the software has been purchased and activated, auto-renewal will be applied at the manufacturer's price after the term has expired. To avoid this, you can switch off the automatic renewal after activation.

Norton 360 Standard: Comprehensive protection for all devices

Norton 360 Standard is an antivirus protection program that is not tied to any specific operating system or device class. Users can run the software solution on their PC, their own MacOS computer and their smartphone or tablet. Users who buy Norton 360 Standard benefit from comprehensive protection. Its special intelligence sets it apart from other antivirus programs.

Buy Norton 360 Standard: The most important features at a glance

  • antispyware
  • antivirus
  • ransom protection
  • Cloud storage for backups
  • Password manager
  • Safe Cam for PC
  • VPN
  • Virus Protection Promise
  • Firewall for PC and Mac

Comprehensive malware protection: Norton 360 Standard starts where other solutions give up

Classically, antivirus programs offer general malware protection. This means they defend against all kinds of malware. In addition to viruses, the software also protects against Trojans, for example. Users who purchase Norton 360 Standard can rest assured that their defensive bulwark goes a good step further. Also on board is an antispyware that protects you from being spied on. For example, keyloggers are identified and turned off. There is also ransom protection. In this way, one's own data cannot be taken "hostage" in order to extort a ransom.

The developers at Norton also integrated special features in order to be able to offer a really well thought-out antivirus software that is suitable for everyday use. 10 GB of online storage in the cloud are on board - this is intended for backups. If data is lost, it can be restored quickly and easily. If you run the program on your own PC or a Mac, you also get a firewall. In this way, malware cannot even penetrate the system. Norton is so sure of this that the company makes a virus protection promise: If it is not possible to remove a virus, Norton will refund the purchase price for the subscription.

Buy Norton 360 Standard and effectively protect your own privacy

Norton 360 Standard is not just a solution to secure devices of any kind. She also defends her own privacy. A password manager, for example, helps users not to use the same term everywhere. This significantly reduces the probability of a successful hack, which can have fatal consequences. Norton also offers a so-called "SafeCam" for the PC. The sight of computer users who have taped their webcams is widespread. They fear that hackers could gain access to the camera and spy on it.

Users who purchase Norton 360 Standard no longer have to worry about this. Access to the operating system or any other software solution is capped. If you want to use the camera, you have to apply to the antivirus program. Norton then obtains authorization from the user.

Your own privacy is also protected by the Secure VPN. This "secured virtual private network" ensures that Norton 360 Standard users can browse the web anonymously and leave no footprints. VPNs work as follows: Users actually access websites or online services via another device - for example a server in England, the USA or Russia. Only its IP address can be seen. The information is forwarded to the actual user via an inaccessible and first-class encrypted data tunnel. The user remains invisible. Pleasant side effect: Geoblocks can also be bypassed using a VPN. For example, if certain pages can only be accessed from the USA, an American VPN server makes this possible.

The subscription model

Users can subscribe to Norton's 360 Standard software solution for one year. If the users do nothing, the term is extended by another twelve months. However, a notification will be sent in good time before the notice period expires. The standard version is only suitable for one device. Users must therefore decide whether their own smartphone, tablet, Mac or PC should be protected. If you want to secure at least five devices, you should choose Norton 360 Deluxe or Premium. In this way, multi-device protection is possible using just one piece of software.

System requirements:

operating system
At least Windows 7, MacOS High Sierra,
Android 6, iOS 10
At least 1GHz
At least 256MB
Disk space:
At least 300MB
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